All Concepts Dissolve Under Analysis

I think that’s from the sayings of the Buddha. Although it might be Zhuang Zhou. I couldn’t find it online and my library is in boxes. This is about my general level of intellectual rigor.

Some of my work:

“Georgia Buddha” – Received the Passage Prize First Place for Fiction, and featured in the collection from Passage Press. The hardcover edition has sold out, but the paperback edition is available for pre-order at:

“Sky Burial” – It’s shorter than Georgia Buddha, touches on similar themes.

“Appomattox Courthouse” – A shorter piece, inspired by a family story about an ancestor’s walking back to Georgia after the Confederacy’s surrender.

“Shark Fin Soup” – Published in Apocalypse Confidential‘s SUMMER OF THE SHARK Special, this one is, perhaps unsurprisingly, shark-themed.

“Waiting on Redemption” – A very short piece. It’s my version of a horror story.

Boll Weevil – In progress novel, crime story set in the South after World War II and some other places as well. First Draft Excerpt Here:

Bell Weevil – Bodhidharma Died in California. It’s the title of a short story which didn’t work but does as the novel’s second strand, taking place in California as the Cold War has ended early with the other team winning. Second Draft Excerpt Here: